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12 Rare Photos Of Bill Gates' Home. God, What is That?

What would a billionaire's home look like? Full of luxurious furniture? Possible. But when you see Bill's home, you will find more than that. Of course, Bill Gates would not live in a three bedroom house in the suburbs with just a nice lawn, though he is known for his frugality and countless charitable donations. When it came to his house, maybe to splurge once is acceptable. Bill's home is estimated to cost $150 million, the most on record for an American residence.


When it comes to home, the key concepts are relaxation and tranquility. This massive aquarium with a living-room style is tailored for this purpose. A stunning view into the world of rare marine animals is offered. From sharks, dolphins to whales, Gates really has to make sure that the inhabitants of his little tank would not do harm to one another.


This room seems to be shabby at first sight. But, the exposed wood beam ceilings and unique stone grey fireplace make it truly a stunning room to enjoy even in the rainiest of days.


Gates home is located just off the shore of Lake Washington and offers exquisite views of Seattle from the house. In brief, the outside of the Gates home is almost as impressive as its interior.


If you possess a beautiful view of Lake Washington and Seattle, glass walls then seem like a must choice for many of the rooms. The interior of the house boasts simple slate floors and plenty of lighting to illuminate the space.


When modern elements meet natural elegance, every piece of furniture screams LUXURY in Gates home.


Gates home proves to be more modest when it comes to technology. All tech gadgets are used for the sake of creating a beautiful and relaxing space. This beautiful living room is open to gorgeous views and has a modest television. The TV can serve as the private theatre with an overhead projection screen.


Glass and blue lighting are frequently used throughout the Gates home. In the picture, a wide range of textures and colors is offered in the master bathroom, such as the tiled wall and sinks to the column. A large white square tub anchors the room and is surrounded by a moat of pebbles that add tranquility to this gorgeous design.


Again, blue lighting illuminates the room, creating a comfortable environment that is accompanied nicely with white linens and a huge bed. The stone fireplace mantle holds a small television, once again enhancing the peacefulness of the room.


Can you see it? Or you just missed this marvelous design at first glance. The crystal clear water is decorated by wood decking. The pool's decoration is modest to better show the stunning view of Lake Washington and the city of Seattle.


These sinks in Gates' master bathroom most likely cannot be found anywhere else.


This must be our favorite point in the house. A traditionally covered patio opens to a blue-floor illuminated by blue lighting and offering exquisite views of Lake Washington and Seattle.


Real luxury is always subtle. The full-glass wall offers landscaped views, and the natural wood floors and simple design of the kitchen are all dedicated to entertaining guests.


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