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20 Celebrity-Inspired Haircuts To Look 10 Years Younger

1. Nicole Kidman's Side Braid

The Australian actress radiates charm in a trendy messy side braid for her blonde locks.

2. Charlize Theron's Half Up Half Down

Charlize Theron debuted a new look at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. The sleek half up half down hairdo made her look elegant and sophisticated.

3. Jennifer Grey's Curly Ringlets

With subtle highlights and soft ringlet curls, this style keeps the star looking polished and youthful.

4. Tilda Swinton's Pompadour

The platinum blonde pompadour has become one of Tilda Swinton's signature looks. She keeps this hairstyle classic with high height and wispy pieces.

5. Sandra Bullock's Soft Curls

Sandra Bullock's slightly messy soft curls are glamorous, yet easy to achieve. Just part your hair to the side and curl large sections using a curling wand.

6. Julia Roberts' Voluminous Straight Style

Doesn't Julia look amazing? With just a flat iron and comb, you too can tease your hair to mimic Julia's ultra-flattering and eye-catching hairstyle.

7. Jamie Lee Curtis' Pixie

If you've decided to go gray, look no further than Jamie Lee Curtis' chic silver pixie. This hairstyle will make you look young and energetic. Besides, the silver will naturally blend in with your hair color when your hair grows.

8. Goldie Hawn's Curtain Bangs

Goldie Hawn's signature fringe goes well with her typically tousled hair. Bangs that extend to the outside corner of her eyes highlight the actress' cheekbones and look flattering to round and oval-shaped faces.

9. Bo Derek's Long Straight Hair With Bangs

Who says mature women can't opt for long straight hair? Bo Derek rocks a long blonde straight mane with face-framing bangs, which makes her look youthful and carefree.

10. Julie Bowen's Asymmetrical Style

These subtle gold waves paired with straight locks pulled back behind the ear make Julie Bowen look much younger than her years.

11. Gina Gershon's Tousled Bob With Special Bangs

The inwardly curled bangs coupled with super thick layered bangs perfectly frame Gina's face. The layers have a messy feel to them, which makes the style young and fresh.

12. Halle Berry's Top Knot Bun

Halle Berry keeps her face flatteringly framed with long bangs while keeping her hair completely off her neck in a big, high bun.

13. Allison Janney's Low Bun With Side Bangs

The coolest thing about Allison Janney's hairstyle isn't the low bun or the side bangs. It's the color. If you want to play up your highlights, try a complex style full of movement.

14. Iman's Elegant Updo

With her ageless beauty, it's quite possible that Iman can pull off any hairstyle. Here, the supermodel shows off an elegant bun that is neatly fastened at the nape of her neck.

15. Katie Couric's Short Cropped Haircut

Television host Katie Couric keeps herself looking fresh and dynamic with a short cropped haircut. She adds a soft touch by sprinkling in subtle blond highlights.

16. Viola Davis' Short Curls

Davis flaunted her short curly hairstyle at the Academy Awards, and it completely revamped her red-carpet look. It was undeniably bold and fresh.

17. Alfre Woodard's Wavy Bob

Alfre Woodard demonstrates how a cute little wavy bob can work on mature ladies. The waves frame her face beautifully and show off dark skin that is barely touched by makeup.

18. Oprah's Lush Lob

Be proud of your natural curls and let them flow freely by getting a medium length bob like Oprah's.

19. Niecy Nash's Pixie Cut

Simple and stylish, a pixie cut with long bangs can take years off your face.

20. Mary Steenburgen's Waves With Piecey Bangs

Mary's bangs take on a touch of her length's waviness, creating a look that's refined, but still playful.

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