20 Of The Worst States For Retirement In The US

Deciding on a place to retire can be as difficult as building up the savings it took to get to this point. After all, you don't want to end up living in a place that will eat through most of your savings in a heartbeat. Scroll down the gallery for the 20 states found to be the least retirement friendly in the US.

1. Louisiana - severe weather condition


You might be wondering what Louisiana can offer for retirees? The state has super friendly people, a unique food and music culture, as well as gorgeous natural beauty. However, the weather there is not very conducive to a comfortable retirement with suffocating summer heat and hurricanes. In addition, the state has low-quality healthcare. If you are still interested in Louisiana, we suggest you choose Inniswold, where there are a lower crime rate and milder summer.

2. New Jersey - high tax


New Jersey seems an ideal place for retirement with its sandy beaches, sunny boardwalks and favorable restaurants. The reason it is on this list however is that the state has high taxes and a cost of living which can be a burden for retirees. Prices of housing have climbed over the years, and rent isn't cheap either. The tax burden is heavy and residents need to report annuities, pensions, and some IRA withdrawals during the tax year. On top of all this, the state sales tax is high, which means a higher price for food, furniture and car repairs.

3. West Virginia - high cost of healthcare


If you are looking forward to a quiet place with incredible natural surroundings, then you may consider West Virginia. But before you make your decision, there are a few things you should know first. Firstly West Virginia has the country's most unhealthy seniors, and it also has a high cost of healthcare. In addition, the declining coal industry has led to a high incidence of burglary.

4. Hawaii - overcrowding people and a high cost of living


Hawaii sure is a paradise with its beautiful weather, beaches, fantastic food, and laid-back lifestyle. But while the high cost of living may be bearable, you will speedily eat through your retirement savings. Besides this, the number of tourists may be an obstacle for you in enjoying your retirement in Hawaii.

5. New York - high living cost


You will find amazing trails, peaceful little towns and lovely wineries here. But when it comes to settling down for a retired life, you may have to think twice. The cost of living in New York is way higher than the national average and is rated the 48th in the country for senior health care and quality of life.

6. Arkansas - high crime rate


The state is famous for its natural scenery. Seniors in Arkansas can expect an active retirement, hitting the trails, enjoying the spectacular beach time and the pretty hot springs. Unfortunately, all these factors haven't kept the state from being rated as a bad place to retire. Arkansas has one of the highest crime rates in the country and the health care is rated down the bottom. Summertime is unbearable since it is crushingly humid, which results in hordes of hungry mosquitoes.

7. Kentucky - high health care


Fancy a simple pleasure? Look no further than Kentucky. With its plethora of outdoor activities, football culture, and the sheer number of turkeys and deer to hunt, Kentucky may seem like a peaceful haven for retirees. But watch out, 11% of Kentucky seniors live in poverty, and healthcare is higher than the national average. Senior health is poor here, due to the high rate of smoking, a lack of physical activity, and bad diets.

8. Rhode Island  - a high living cost


If you dream of getting away from it all, Rhode Island just might fit the bill. Its excellent beaches, mouthwatering seafood, local delicacies, fantastic nightlife and shopping malls, all make for the adventure of a lifetime. However, the cost of taxes and living may make Rhode Island a less than ideal place for most retirees. Safe areas such as Newport are expensive to live in, while the capital, Providence, has a history of political corruption. Besides, Rhode Island also suffers from severe transportation issues, and the cost of electricity is sky high.

9. New Mexico - high housing cost


In New Mexico, you will find picturesque scenes including mountains, and white dunes. There is also plenty of outdoor fun to keep you active. When you need a break, you can sit back with a glass of award-winning local wine and watch the carnivals happening around the city. Decent healthcare is another factor that makes New Mexico a perfect place to live in. However, New Mexico cannot seem to strike a balance between cost and quality of housing. The housing cost is 5% higher than the national average. In some places in New Mexico, violent crime and property crime is among the highest nationally. 

10. Alaska - a high cost of living


Alaska may be a fantastic place to visit, with its stunning natural beauty, world-renowned stargazing, delicious seafood and unique festivals all year round. However, it is not ideal for retirement. The cost of living is high in Alaska, since most of the basic items for daily life, food and clothing have to be imported from elsewhere. Moreover, the cost of healthcare is among the highest in the country and is still rising.

 11. California - a high cost of living


California residents enjoy fresh, locally grown food, and perfect tanning weather daily. But the state is reportedly not the ideal place to make people happy. The state has a very high cost of living, heavy tax burdens, and poor health care. California also has the highest sales tax in the country and the worst road conditions.

12. Oklahoma - violent storms


Life is Oklahoma is cozy and a breath of fresh air far away from city life. Few crowds, friendly residents, country music, and great sports to warm your soul. However, Oklahoma is an area that suffers with violent storms and destructive winds all year round. The city also has a higher than average crime rate in its cities.

13.  Mississippi - worst health care quality


With its long summer, friendly residents, plentiful seafood, and great fishing experience, Mississippi seems a perfect right place to settle down. But Mississippi is poor, and has one of the lowest income per capita in the US. It is also one of the worst states for healthcare. Added to these facts, the state has a terrible tornado season, which makes it a less-than-ideal choice for people looking for a quiet retreat.

14. Maryland - high crime rate


Maryland offers its residents a lot, including orchards full of fresh fruits and sports galore, notably live jousting matches. Unfortunately, Maryland has a high crime rate and low property value. To live in a safe neighborhood you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it.

15. Indiana - tornadoes, severe snow


Indiana residents enjoy their life of talking about basketball, car racing, and juicy bison burgers. Indiana doesn't tax Social Security benefits, and living costs are low for a typical retiree. But Indiana has the third-most tornadoes in the US, and sometimes severe snow storms. The state also has the most toxic chemicals and the worst water pollution.

16. Connecticut - budget issues


Connecticut is a convenient drive to New York City. Local people also enjoy a thriving music and theater scene, and a neighborly atmosphere. But watch out for the taxes. Residents there have to pay high state income taxes and have property taxes which are the third-highest in the US. Despite being the wealthiest state based on per-capita income, Connecticut has severe budgetary issues which may result in the state's infrastructure or public services suffering in the longer term.

17. Alabama - harsh weather: tornadoes, humid summer


Alabama is filled with natural wonders, charming towns and packed with fascinating history. Now the bad news: Alabama’s weather is not great, with frequently occurring tornadoes and punishingly humid summers. Besides, Alabama has one of the highest crime rates in the US.

18. Georgia - traffic problems


Georgia can offer you a glamourous retired life, from a wild college football game and dolphin watching to its summery Christmases. Despite its charms, the traffic can be a nightmare for a senior living there. The cost of medical care is low, but Georgia’s healthcare system has many problems that have forced many hospitals to shut down over the years.

19. Illinois - property taxes


Chicago is covered with beautiful state parks, quiet suburbs and lovely trails, which make Chicago seem like a peaceful place for retirees. Unfortunately, Illinois isn't the ideal place for a comfortable retirement. Illinois property taxes are the second highest in the country. Homeowners have to pay a sky-high $2,130 in property taxes for each $100,000 of a home’s value, which can be a significant drain on your retirement income.

20. Tennessee -  the highest rate of violent crime


Something is always buzzing in Tennessee, from adventurous fun in the state's mountains to great food, shopping, and festivals. Unfortunately, for those who are considering to retire there, Tennessee has some ongoing issues with federal care funding, which have forced many hospitals to close. Crime is also a problem in Tennessee. Memphis has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the state.

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