20 Secrets The Duggar Family Doesn't Want You To Know

Josh Duggar, a son of the famous Duggar family identified as "Independent Baptists" in TLC's reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting," was revealed a paying member of the infidelity website Ashley Madison. This scandal tarnished the well-known wholesome Duggar family, and also brought up the question: who exactly are the Duggars? Here we've compiled 20 surprising facts about the Duggars.

1. All of the Duggars have names beginning with a "J."


2. Jim Bob and Michelle actually used birth control when they first married, despite pumping out 19 kids.


3. None of the Duggar children are born in February or June.


4. December is the busiest month for birthdays in the Duggar household, with five celebrating their birth.


5. The Duggars reportedly always dress very modestly when they go swimming.


6. The Duggar kids charge $5 to chaperone each other's dates.


7. Michelle was once a cheerleader in high school. She caught Jim Bob's attention because she was also a Christian.


8. The Duggar girls evidently only wear skirts and dresses, NO pants!


9. Jessa and Ben reportedly never held hands before their engagement. Their first kiss never came until after their marriage ceremony, and it was conducted in private.


10. The Duggars monthly food budget lingers around $3,000. They consume 7 gallons of milk and four dozen eggs.


11. The Duggar parents became grandparents as three of the Duggar children now have their own children.


12. Jim and Michelle are supposedly always included on group texts when one of the kids is dating someone.


13. All the Duggar Girls wear long hair because they believe a woman's hair is her glory. 


14. All the Duggar children are home-schooled.


15. Jessa went with ice cream sundaes instead of the traditional cake at her wedding.


16. All the Duggar children are reportedly healthy with no birth defects.


17. The Duggars identify as "Independent Baptists," meaning they refuse to join any hierarchical structure or conventional affiliation.


18. All the Duggar kids have practiced a musical instrument of some kind.


19. The family does some 40 loads of laundry per week using four washer/dryer sets.


20. Jim Bob and Michelle held a small wedding in a gymnasium hallway with only cake, nuts and punch at the reception.


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