24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character

Sometimes, optical illusions can let your eyes deceive you, but there's more to it. What each person sees reveals a deeper part of their personalities. Here we list 24 optical illusions that can show you more than you realize. 

1. Pillars Or Women?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_22

This striking chiaroscuro image reveals how you live. If the pillars catch your eye, you're more likely to stay in your comfort zone and spend more time thinking about your goals, rather than putting effort into achieving them. If you see women first, you're a maverick who can't be tied down.

2. Shakespeare Or A Reading Woman?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_23

Do you see a reading woman or an image of the great Shakespeare in the apple garden? Seeing the Bard of Avon suggests that you may be disliked for your self-centeredness. At the same time, seeing the woman reveals a careless lifestyle that may ruin your romantic prospects.

3. Woman's Face Or Flowers?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_24

There's a big difference between seeing a woman's face and flowers at first sight. Seeing the woman means that you can immediately adapt to a new environment and make the right decision based on intuition. The sight of flowers means that it's only in nature that you can relax and forgo your fast-paced life for a while.

4. Bears Or Mountains?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_25

This image can tell if you're prospecting or judging. If you see snow mountains, you'll be more insightful and let your intuition make the decision. However, if you see bears, you are fairly objective in decision-making. You will do all your research before making your final choice.

5. Musician Or Sketcher?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_26

Don't know if you're introverted or extroverted? This picture can tell. If you see a saxophonist, you're an extrovert who is in the spotlight at parties. If you see a stick drawing face, you tend to be a homebody who quickly tires of parties and crowds. 

6. Bird Or Lynx?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_27

In this picture, what you see will determine your best fit. If you see the bird first, You have a flair for entrepreneurship. If you see the lynx first, you are more suited for team organization and project management.

7. Woman Or Man?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_28

If you first see the one of your own sex in the picture, it means you are anxious about your social network. Seeing the opposite sex first means that you are now deeply connected to a person. 

8. Which Face Is Real?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_29

This is actually a drunk test. If you think the face that the eyes and lips are farther from the nose is the real one, then congrats! You're sober. On the other hand, you're drunk. Go to bed.

9. Human Or Animal?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_30

Seeing the swan first means that you're satisfied with your life and care more about yourself. Seeing humans first shows that you're currently more sensitive to other people and have strong feelings towards people around you. 

10. Saxophonist Or Woman's Face?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_31

Seeing a saxophonist reveals that your left brain controls your thoughts. In this case, you're a brilliant observer, who has acute insight, and a great language learner. Noticing a woman shows that you're a right-brain go-getter who is creative and emotionally intelligent.

11. A Bigger Ball?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_32

Optical illusions trick us all the time but do tell us something. If you believe the background ball is larger, you're a detail-oriented leader. On the other hand, you are more likely to work behind the scenes and advise people in need. 

12. Coming Or Leaving?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_33

The photo, taken in 1970, leaves it unclear whether the man was entering or exiting the tunnel. There's no correct answer, but it can tell you a lot about your mental state. Usually, the person who sees the man entering the tunnel is thought to have a positive attitude towards life.

13. Witches Or A Girl?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_34

If 2 fighting witches catch your eye first, it means you're ambitious, and your goal is to be better than anyone else at a task. If you spot the smiling woman first, it shows that you're easygoing and compassionate, and people like to open their hearts to you.

14. Owl Or Coffee?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_35

Is it an owl or coffee at first sight? If you are attracted to the owl, you're curious about many things, willing to experiment, and able to solve problems quickly. Seeing an expresso means that you're a happy-go-lucky person who likes to live peacefully, and someone who likes to have friends around to chat with.   

15. Left Or Right Hemisphere?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_36

It's hard to believe, but these animals do show your dominant brain. If the squirrel stands out to you, you're a logical person who depends heavily on the left hemisphere. If it's the duck, you're controlled by the right hemisphere and have a natural talent for creativity and arts. 

16. Which One Speaks To You?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_37

Hard to believe there are so many elements included in one painting. A maid shows that you're a problem solver. The older man reveals that you're a unique person who follows your own pace. Skulls indicate you as a fearless adventurer, while the man in bed presumes you as a worrywart. Knights behind predict that you have a strong network, and Ballet dancers tell you that you're a natural romanticist. At last, the woman with a beard reveals you to be a creative person. 

17. Which Woman?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_38

Believe it or not, this picture can immediately reveal your age. The illustration, My Wife or Mother In Law, was shown at a test to 393 people from age 18-68. The youngest 10% of participants spotted the voguish aristocrat, while the oldest 10% noticed the elderly lady staring at the left corner. 

18. Woman Or Skull?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_39

What you first see in the illustration indicates how you value yourself and something more. If you see the exquisite woman, it means you're focused on details, while witnessing the skull reveals that you have a wide field of vision. Yet, in the end, we look all the same underneath no matter what. 

19. Cliff, Cat, Or Face?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_40

What is the first thing you notice in the picture? Finding the cliff means you probably have a positive attitude and are ready to tackle any problem. Seeing a cat reveals that you don't like change, but you are a trustworthy person who knows how to control your emotions. Finding your face shows that you are creative and have a natural love of literature and art.

20. A Baby, A Couple, Or Trees?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_41

If you're staring at a baby, you like to stay alone. If you're attracted by the couple looking out over the bay, you prefer to stay in your own small group. If you're drawn to the plants, you're energetic and take life's challenges in your stride.

21. Squirrels Or A Woman's Face?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_42

If you spot two squirrels first, you may be a quick problem solver who doesn't even need to look that deeply into a problem. If you find a woman's face first, you are a highly focused person who thrives both professionally and socially.

22. An Old Man, A Rider, Or A Girl?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_43

This picture is indicative of your romantic state. The older man shows that you'd like to work on a single relationship and make it last longer. The rider reveals that you're still looking for your significant other. The girl lying down indicates that you have commitment issues, which may be due in part to pain from the past.

23. Full Moon Or Birds?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_44

Do you see a full moon surrounded by stars or 2 laughing birds at first glance? The Moon indicates that you are a gentle person who is conflict averse. Seeing the birds first means you are an optimistic, easy-going person and a good counselor.

24. Batmen or Wolverine?

24 Illusions That Identify Your True Character_45

Which superheroes do you recognize? Two Batmen or Wolverine? This test does not reveal much about your characteristics, though. If you find Batmen first, you're a DC Comics fan. On the other hand, you prefer Marvel Comics.

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