See The Former Home Before Meghan Markle Moved To The Palace

Castle-bound Meghan Markle once lived part-time in Canada when she filmed her role for the TV series Suits. She has since moved out of her Toronto bachelorette pad after her engagement with Prince Harry. This two-story house is now for sale for $1,395,000. Let's go ahead to explore inside.

1. The exterior of the adorable two-story home

It is located on a charming suburban street.


2. Living room

This wonderful space is a perfect spot to kick back after a long day or to relax with friends.


3. Living room

It is also a great spot for entertaining!


4. Dining room

This is the dining area where she hosted her fellow colleagues.


5. Dining room

Have a closer look at this cute spot.


6. Kitchen

This little kitchen has hidden access to the backyard.


7. Kitchen

This small yet efficient kitchen accommodates a tiny table for two.


8. Kitchen

As you can see, the kitchen features modern appliances.


9. The master bedrooms

The two-story house has three bedrooms and the master bedroom has a wonderful bay window to let in as much light as it can.


10. The wardrobe

A built-in closet was surely a must in order to house Meghan’s incredible wardrobe.


11. Guest Bedroom

This cozy minimalist space is perfect for a friend visiting.


12. Another bedroom

Meghan’s former bedroom was posted to Instagram.


13. Bathroom

The marble sink makes the bathroom look clean and spacious.


14. A large collection of shoes

Meghan Markle shared on Instagram her collection of shoes. It is clear that she is ready to be a royal fashion star.


15. Basement

The house is equipped with a spacious basement, perfect for a party with friends.


16. Beautiful backyard

Is this the best part of the house?


17. Backyard

It could be a dream place for a BBQ with friends.


18. Outdoor chair

What a cozy place for a royal date.


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