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BuzzSuper pays much attention to keeping your private information safe. This statement is to explain to you what cookies are and what we do with the information collected from you.

What are Cookies and why does BuzzSuper use them?

Technically, cookies are information data saved on your device and will be sent to our server when you browse BuzzSuper. The information we collect is non-personal, which means your private messages like name and email address will not be obtained. What we collect is more about your browsing activities. For example, when you look through the content on our website, the information of your device, operating system, browsers, and how you use our website will be collected. The information about your browsing activities could help us optimize our service in the future.

The classification of cookies

Necessary Cookies

Necessary Cookies are essential for us, without which the basic functions of BuzzSuper will not perform properly. These cookies cannot be blocked and they do not collect any private information about you.

Analytics and Performance Cookies

These cookies record how you interact with our website, including which pages you visited, how long you spent on them, and other analytical data. This statistical information will be used to improve our website functions. We use Google Analytics Cookies to record your browsing activities on our website. Google Analytics is a free and simple analytical tool, which helps us measure how you interact with the website content.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used to save your browsing preferences, such as your account name, language, interests, and so on.

Advertising and Third-Party Cookies

Advertising cookies could provide ads that are tailored to your interests. If you block these cookies, you still can see the non-personalized ads. Third-party cookies are operated by third parties, which may automatically collect your information when you open the webpage. We strongly suggest that you should check the third-party cookies in detail.

How to control and delete cookies?

We do not collect any private information about you. You can delete, reject or disable cookies in the browser settings. However, once you block them, some functions of our website will be unavailable.

Privacy Policy

We will use your information following this Privacy Policy. You agree to all the statements mentioned in this Privacy Policy once you visit BuzzSuper.

What we collect from you is non-personal, which means it does not contain your real name, address, phone number, and other private information. We just save your browsing preferences, which records how you interact with our website. Depending on this information, we could find which aspects of our website need to change and improve. After that, we can optimize our service and give you a better browsing experience.

If there are some legal issues, like track abuse, we will disclose the information we collect timely under the request of the law, without any hesitation. We guarantee that all the service provided by us is secure without any cheat or virus. What we collect from you is only used on our website, which will not be shared on the Internet.

This statement may be amended if necessary. How we use the information is subject to the Privacy Policy of the time when the information is used. When the change of this policy is posted, you have to agree to it compulsorily.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact us. We are looking forward to your advice. The email address of BuzzSuper is [email protected].

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