The Facts of Life Stars: Where Are They Now

The Facts of Life was a beloved sitcom on NBC in the 80’s, featuring a large cast of young stars. Most of them still work on screen today, while others have found inspiring careers outside of acting. So, do you ever wonder what became of the people behind the characters of Blair, Tootie, Natali, not to mention Nancy, Molly, and Cindy? Let's take a look.

1. Charlotte Rae - Then

Charlotte Rae, starred as Edna Garrett, who was the house mother to the seven girls at Eastland Prep School. As the series progressed, she became the mother and caretaker, teaching them valuable lessons in education, love, and life. Charlotte Rae earned herself an Emmy Award for this role.


2. Charlotte Rae - Now

Charlotte Rae is alive at 92. The beloved veteran actress appeared in the film Ricki and the Flash alongside Meryl Streep. Earlier in 2015, Rae was diagnosed with bone cancer, but she is still staying positive.


3. Lisa Whelchel - Then

Whelchel played the rebellious and spoiled Blair Warner from the first season until the very last. During her time on the show she became a completely different personality and in the end turned into a lovable young girl.


4.  Lisa Whelchel - Now

Lisa Whelchel moved away from acting and more into singing and with regular appearances on reality television. As a devote Christian, Whelchel recorded a Christian music album and one of her songs was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1984.


5. Kim Fields - Then

Tootie! We all loved this little girl. Kim Fields played Tootie and was known for her trademark rollerblades. What most people didn't know was that Kim Fields spent the whole season on rollerblades, not because Tootie loved them, but because she was too short for the role as she was only ten years old.


6. Kim Fields - Now

Kim now has a remarkable reputation both in front of and behind the camera. After scoring big with the hit sitcom Living Single, Fields continued to direct and guest-star in dozens of episodes of Kenan & Kel. Recently, she appeared in both Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


7. Molly Ringwald - Then

Molly Ringwald, who played Molly Parker in the first season, was written out of the show when the second season began filming. But spoiler alert, Molly Ringwald did ok for herself.


8. Molly Ringwald - Now

Molly being cut from the show was probably a good thing to her. She subsequently played many life-changing roles. She is most remembered for her performances in John Hughes’ movies Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, and Ringwald has worked steadily ever since. Today, Molly can still be found in both film and TV.


9. Mindy Cohn - Then

The story of how Mindy got her role in the show is probably a unique one. Charlotte Rae and the producer were doing a pre-production stage performance of the show to a prep school, and then Charlotte ran into young Mindy. Charlotte Rae fell in love with Mindy's spunky attitude, and she decided to ask the creator to develop a new character especially for Mindy.


10. Mindy Cohn - Now

After getting a degree in cultural anthropology from Loyola Marymount University, Mindy continued her career in Hollywood. She was in shows like 21 Jump Street, The Help, and Charles in Charge. In 2015, she did voice work in Scooby-Doo as Velma Dinkley.


11. Nancy McKeon - Then

Nancy McKeon joined the cast of the show as the tough and tomboyish Jo Polniaczek. As the series progressed, she softened her edges and showed her vulnerable side.


12. Nancy McKeon - Now

After finishing the show, Nancy McKeon chose to try her hand at an entirely different role on a smash sitcom. She was a finalist for playing Monica on Friends. Nancy balanced her career and family successfully and in 2003, she married her longtime boyfriend, and had two children together. She later starred in multiple made-for-tv films, such as A Cry For Help: The Tracey Thurman Story, Comfort and Joy, and The Wrong Woman.


13. Felice Schachter - Then

Felice Schachter played Nancy in season one. However, she was one of the five cast members written out the show at the end of season one. That’s despite the fact that she had been a big draw for audiences.


14. Felice Schachter - Now

Felice landed a co-starring role alongside Scott Baio in the 1980s teen romp Zapped. Later, she returned to television, working as a production coordinator for Law & Order: Special Victims Units.


15. George Clooney - Then

Yes! George Clooney was a cast member too, playing the character of George Burnett, Mrs. Garrett’s handyman. He appeared in the seventh and eighth seasons in 17 episodes.


16. George Clooney - Now

Perhaps you have heard of him?


17. Julie Anne Haddock - Then

Julie Anne Haddock played the role of Cindy Webster in the first season and occasionally appeared in following seasons.


18.  Julie Anne Haddock - Now

Julie Anne Haddock continued to act in Three's Company, The Best of Times, and Quincy M.E. after finishing up on The Facts of Life. She later made a dramatic career change. She became a local entertainment reporter for KPLR-TV, in St. Louis, Missouri. Julie Anne Haddock has three children together with her husband.


19. Mackenzie Astin - Then

Mackenzie Astin was cast as Andy Moffett, who worked in the Over Our Heads gift shop in the last four seasons of the show.


20. Mackenzie Astin - Now

When the show ended, Mackenzie Astin continued to work steadily in small TV and movie roles, appearing in shows such as "Lost", "House", "Grey's Anatomy" and "Mad Men." He also starred as Bill Dunn on the seventh season of Homeland in 2018. Mackenzie married his current wife Jennifer in 2011.


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