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The Real Life Partners Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Stars

The Big Bang Theory has gained millions of fans since its debut in 2007. Their actors involved have been catapulted from relative obscurity and into stardom. One of the reasons that the show is so interesting is the on-screen relationships. But what about when they all go home? Continue reading to see which geek landed a beauty queen in real life, and which star took his romance off-screen.


1. Kaley Cuoco stars as Penny, who is married to Leonard Hofstadter on "The Big Bang Theory."


2. Kaley Cuoco dated Johnny Galecki (starring Leonard Hofstadter) for two years as co-stars on "The Big Bang Theory." She also dated actors Henry Cavill, Kevin Zegers, Paul Blackthorne, Al Santos and Thad Luckinbill. Additionally, she has reportedly dated Christopher French, Evan and Jaron singer Jaron Lowenstein and Pepper front-man Bret Bollinger. She was married to tennis pro Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to mid-2015. Now, she has been with her boyfriend, billionaire Karl Cook since 2016.


3. Johnny Galecki stars as Leonard Hofstadter, who's married to Kaley Cuoco's Penny on "The Big Bang Theory."


4. Apart from dating Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki had been romantically linked to actresses Kelli Garner, Ari Graynor and Laura Harris. In addition, he dated a florist named Kelsey Harper and a blonde beauty named Ariella Nicole.


5. Jim Parsons stars as Sheldon Cooper, who was engaged to Mayim Bialik's Amy Farrah Fowler at the end of season 10 of "The Big Bang Theory."


6. Jim Parsons came out publicly in 2012 and wed his longtime partner Todd Spiewak in May 2017. The pair have been together for around 15 years.


7. Simon Helberg stars as Howard Wolowitz, who's married to and shares a baby with Melissa Rauch's Bernadette Rostenkowski on "The Big Bang Theory."


8. On the show, Howard is married to the squeaky-voiced Bernadette, while off-screen, he was married to fellow actress Jocelyn Towne in 2007. The couple have two children together, 5-year-old Adeline, and 3-year-old Wilder.


9. Kunal Nayyar stars as Raj Koothrappali, the most romantically challenged member of the gang on "The Big Bang Theory."


10. While his on-screen character may not have had the luck in finding love, Kunal Nayyar's real-life romance proved the opposite. He is married to Neha Kapur, who is a former beauty queen.


11. Mayim Bialik stars as Amy Farrah Fowler, to whom Jim Parsons' Sheldon Cooper proposed at the end of Season 10 of "The Big Bang Theory."


12. Mayim Bialik was married to Michael Stone. The pair divorced in 2012 after 9 years of marriage. They have two boys aged 12 and 9.


13. Melissa Rauch stars as Bernadette Rostenkowski, who's married to and shares a baby with Simon Helberg's Howard Wolowitz on "The Big Bang Theory."


14. Melissa Rauch has been married to a screenwriter named Winston in 2007. Her husband towers over his wife of 4’11”. The 37-year-old actress announced on Instagram that her first child Sadie was born on Instagram this year.


15. John Ross Bowie stars as Barry Kripke, who is an unlikely colleague of Leonard and Sheldon. He also struggles when it comes to the ladies.


16. In reality, John has been happily married to Jamie Denbo for 13 years. The couple are both amazing comedians.


17. Margo Harshman stars as Alex, who is an unbelievably patient assistant to Sheldon Cooper. She has a crush on Leonard, which means she never really liked Penny.


18. Margo Harshman dated Chris Marquette between 2003 - 2005. Chris is also a fellow actor who has appeared in movie such as Fanboys, and The Girl Next Door.


19. Sara Gilbert stars as Leslie Winkle who works in the same lab with Leonard. In the show, Leslie also is Sheldon's arch, because they share conflicting scientific theories.


20. Sara Gilbert married singer songwriter Linda Perry, and the couple have three kids. Sara Gilbert is better known for her role in Roseanne, playing Darlene Conner.


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