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Which Girls Grab The Top-Paid NBA Hero's Heart

12. Chandler Parsons — $23.1 million


Chandler Parsons is now at the Memphis Grizzlies, on $23.1 million per year. As a starter, Chandler Parsons played 61 games in two seasons. Known as the 'serial dater', Chandler is believed to have had more than 14 girls before and is now dating 23-year-old model Cassie Amato. Both are said to be in 'a committed relationship' according to TMZ Sports.

11. Bradley Beal — $23.8 million


Bradley Beal, shooting guard of the Wizards, earns approximately $23.8 million a year. The young and talented 24-year-old baller is a 2017-2018 NBA all-star and basketball’s new hotness. Alongside John Wall they are both taking the Wizards as far as they are able to go. Bradley Beal's girlfriend is Kamiah Adams, who spends most of her living doing modeling work. She always shows her deep happiness towards their relationship. Kamiah Adams describes Beal as her best friend and lover.

10. Kevin Durant — $25 million


Kevin Durant, the diminutive forward for the Golden State Warriors, is paid $25 million annually. KD has several ladies that have been rumored or officially confirmed to have dated him before: Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, Jasmine Shine, Ashley Champ, Crystal Renee, Chantel Jeffries, Monica Wright, Melody Rae, most of whom are sizzling hot models. But lately, he has been dating a girl named Cassandra Anderson, a beautiful and hot realtor for Berkshire Hathaway in California.

9. Carmelo Anthony — $26.2 million


Oklahoma City Thunder's Anthony, nicknamed Melo, earns $26.2 million per year. Thunder's latest trade for Anthony surprised people since it has always been considered a small-market team that cannot keep its stars.

Anthony got married pretty early in 2010 to his wife La La Anthony, who is 5 years older than him. Their romantic story started after meeting at a nightclub and grew over the years. But their relationship has endured countless affairs these couple of years. Now La la lives with their son in an apartment in New York City, only visiting Anthony at weekends.

8. Al Horford — $27.7 million


Horford's big contract with the Boston Celtics was a first sign of the team's rebuilding process. With the addition of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward as well, the Celtics are setting impressive records this season.

Horford's wife is Amelia Vega, a beautiful Dominican woman who won the crown of Miss Universe in 2003! They got married in 2011, and have two beautiful children.

7. James Harden — $28.3 million


James Harden earns recognition as the best shooting guard in the NBA. After the Houston Rockets' estimation, Hardon will take $28.3 million in the coming season and will earn more in 2018-2019.

Harden is not only famous for his performance on the court. He's also famous for his love affairs with many hot and beautiful girls. Dating different personalities seems like a part of his normal life. Recently rumors began swirling that he is dating with Ashanti, the singer, songwriter and actress.

6. Russell Westbrook — $28.5 million


2017 NBA MVP winner, Russell Westbrook, recently signed a $205 million extension with Thunder. The $233 million that Thunder now owe Westbrook over the next six seasons combined with $28.5 million salary makes him the biggest winner in NBA history. His wife, Nina Earl, used to be lead player for the UCLA Bruins. Now they have a gorgeous baby Noah.

5. Mike Conley — $28.5 million


Point Guard Mike Conley has signed a max contract to remain with the Memphis Grizzlies. The contract was supposed to be the richest contract in NBA history during the free agent period by offering a full-five-year deal and $153 million. Mike Conley and Mary Peluso got married in 2014. Mary Peluso has previously appeared on the cover of the Memphis Health & Fitness magazine and is herself a superb athlete.

4. Blake Griffin — $29.5 million


Blake Griffin, Detroit Pistons' Power Forward, is now is earning about a $29.5 million annually. His girlfriend is Kendall Jenner. So far though the two have kept their relationship quiet and neither of them have admitted to dating.

3. Gordon Hayward — $29.7 million


Gordon Hayward transferred to the Boston Celtics last summer. However unfortunately, he broke his ankle in his first game with the Celtics. It was a massive blow to both Hayward and the Celtics. Hayward and his wife Robyn tied the knot on May 24, 2014 after a 5 months' dating. Now the family has two lovely baby girls.

2. LeBron James — $33.3 million


Lebron is a smart, determined and energetic NBA player who captures many people's hearts. The 33-year-old player never shows any decline in his career despite his age. He has also been named NBA's Most Valuable Player four times! LeBron James met his wife Savannah Brinson in high school and they have been together ever since. Now they have three adorable kids.

1. Stephen Curry — $34.7 million


Stephen Curry, Point Guard of Golden State Warriors, who signed $201 million contract with Warriors last summer which was supposed to be the biggest trade in NBA history. The two-time MVP winner is now the NBA new most highly paid player, replacing James. Ayesha Curry, his wife, is a Canadian–American actress and television personality… They first met when they were teenagers and Ayesha claimed that she wasn't into sports before meeting Steph.


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